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Die Casting

Call Alliance Connect for lightweight resistant aluminium die casting in Australia!

We can create metal parts for art and industrial applications.

Superior Aluminium Die Casting

Alliance Connect produces a wide variety of premium grade aluminium die casting alloys for a number of industries and various applications.

In fact, aluminium casting greatly improves automotive fuel efficiency by contributing to weight saving requirements. It is also used in a broad range of networking and infrastructure equipment in the telecom and computing industries.

Call us if you need a versatile and corrosion resistant metal part!

An outstanding corrosion resistant alloy


Aluminium Die Casting Sunshine, Melbourne

Benefits of Aluminium Die Casting

Aluminium die casting has a wide range of practical advantages. From more surface finishing options to its corrosion resistance, it is a versatile alloy.

One of the main benefits of aluminium die casting is that it is lightweight and can resist the highest operating temperatures among all the die cast alloys. Aluminium die castings also have a high dimensional stability for complex shapes and thin wall applications.

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A practical and significant die cast alloy


Aluminium Die Casting Sunshine, Melbourne

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