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Gravity Die Casting in Australia

Alliance Connect produces high-quality gravity die casting throughout Australia and New Zealand. Give us a call.

We have a team of experienced metallurgists that assist you from start to finish.

Gravity Die Casting Process

Alliance Connect performs gravity die casting for non-ferrous alloy parts like aluminium, zinc and copper. With over 60 years in the metallurgical industry, we have become experts in the process.

Key stages of gravity die casting:

  • The heated mould is coated with a die release agent
  • Molten metal is then poured to allow the material to fill all the extremities of the mould cavity
  • When the part has cooled sufficiently, the die is opened

The experts in gravity die casting


Gravity Die Casting Melbourne

Benefits of Gravity Die Casting

Alliance Connect uses various gravity stationary and tilt gravity casting stations. Gravity die casting has a multitude of benefits, including:

  • The creation of large-scale castings – up to 30kg casting capacity
  • Ideal for small and larger products
  • Heat treatable alloys allowing greater mechanical properties
  • Capacity to produce gravity die castings for medium to high volume requirements
  • Ideally suited for low production volumes at the lower upfront capital cost
  • Ideally suited for converting an existing sand cast product which is increasing in production volume resulting in unit per part price savings
  • Sliding core or disposable sand core can be incorporated into the tooling to produce castings with undercuts

Improved mechanical properties compared to sand casting


Gravity Die Casting Australia

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