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Casting Specialists - Gravity, Pressure & Sand.

Casting & Finishing Services Australia

Welcome to Alliance Connect, casting specialists servicing Australian and International needs

We offer Low Pressure, Gravity and Sand Casting services as well as a range of machining and finishing services

Some metals we work with:


Alliance provide castings services to a number of different industries including Automotive, Industrial, Mining, Government, Defence, Marine, Municipalities and the Arts


Sand casting is a metal casting process which involves the use of natural sand as well as small amounts of clay.  Sand Casting is generally used for lower volume or larger products that may have higher levels of complexity or if they are a ‘one off’ or prototypes.


For when you have a larger quantity of small to medium sized parts, which require a better surface finish, greater level of detail and dimensional consistency.


Low Pressure die casting is preferred when the volumes are higher and the customer requires more parts produced in a shorter timeframe

Why Choose Us?

Our Experience

We have more than 50 years of experience in the metal industry

Expert Metal Casting

We provide Low Pressure Casting, Gravity Die Casting, and Sand Casting as well as Machining and other Finishing services

We Serve

We serve a broad range of industries including automotive, industrial, mining, government, defence, marine, municipalities and the arts

Our Team

We have highly skilled engineers, metallurgists, casting specialists and machinists


We are quality accredited to ISO9001 quality standards, which cover both national and international markets

Contact our team for all types and shapes of metal casting!

We can create metal parts for art and industrial applications.

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