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Low Pressure Die Casting in Australia

Alliance Connect has two state-of-the-art low pressure die casting machines.

We are one of the oldest and most knowledgeable gravity die casting companies serving Australia and New Zealand.

What is Low Pressure Die Casting?

Low pressure die casting is similar to sand casting as gravity is used to fill the molten metal into the mould. In low pressure casting the metal within the furnace is pressed into the mould using pressure.

At Alliance Connect, we have moved into the 21st century of casting technology and can now supply aluminium castings for applications that demand higher performance.

 Staying with you from design to conception


Low Pressure Die Casting Melbourne

Benefits of Low Pressure Die Casting

In 2005 Alliance Connect purchased two low pressure die casting machines. These machines enabled us to expand our casting knowledge and open up greater opportunities for our customers, including:

  • Large scale castings – up to 150kg
  • Fully automated PLC-controlled allowing for repeatability and better quality control
  • Ideal for larger or higher strength castings
  • Heat treatable alloys
  • Platen contains 5 raiser tubes and is 2200×1500 mm in size, providing maximum flexibility for gating and casting design
  • 28 Cooling cycles per machine, (14 Air & 14 Water)
  • Capacity to produce low pressure die castings for medium to high volume requirements
  • Intricate cast shapes can be produced
  • Sliding core or sand core can be incorporated into the tooling to produce castings with undercuts

Low pressure die casting results in better surface quality


Low Pressure Die Casting Australia

Our Services Include:

  • Product design assistance
  • Tool manufacture
  • Machining and polishing of the casting
  • Permanent mould or sand casting of the moulding

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