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Casting Porosity Sealing & Impregnation in Australia

Alliance Connect has the best solutions for porosity problems on aluminium materials.

From small businesses to large multinational companies, we supply to a variety of industries in Australia and New Zealand.

What is Casting Porosity?

Porosity can be found in many materials but is particularly prevalent in aluminium die castings where three main types may be identified:

  • FLOW POROSITY – resulting in surface or internal defects caused by poor pressure conditions in the process
  • GAS POROSITY – usually internal, caused by trapped gases of various kinds in the die
  • SHRINK POROSITY – the most common and difficult to control, caused by the change in volume as the metal changes state from liquid to solid

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Tackling any porosity issue affecting aluminium


Casting Porosity Sealing & Impregnation Melbourne

Causes and Solutions of Casting Porosity

No matter how much care is taken in producing aluminium castings, porosity can still occur, usually during the change from a liquid to a solid state amidst the casting process.

Vacuum impregnation is the permanent solution to this problem, filling any void with a stable yet flexible material that is resistant to attacks from heat, oils or chemicals. The process is sub-surface and can be performed on raw materials or the finished machine part, causing no dimensional change or contamination to the component.

Alliance Connect offers the best solutions to seal most porosity problems, including gas and shrinkage. This service is provided for both castings produced by us and any other castings regardless of their origin.

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Casting Porosity Sealing & Impregnation Australia

Industries We Serve Include:

  • Automotive
  • Transportation
  • Architectural
  • Oil and gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Telecommunication
  • Agriculture
  • Marine and medical

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