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Sand Casting

Alliance Connect expertly handles sand and metal die casting in Australia.

From die to gravity casting, we provide a wide range of expert services.

Sand Casting is Reliable and Affordable

Sand casting is a reliable and affordable process most frequently used for manufacturing precision metal parts.

It is used for a wide range of applications, including automobile components like engine blocks, engine manifolds, cylinder heads and transmission cases. Sand casting is appropriate for both short and long production runs.

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A reliable, efficient and affordable casting method


Sand and Metal Die Casting Sunshine, Melbourne

Sand Casting for Art Objects

Sand casting can be used to create sculptures and other art objects as well as living room fixtures. Additionally, sand casting moulds are often used to make complex metal objects, such as one-piece equipment parts with various contours that would be difficult to produce through other casting methods.

We serve a diverse range of industries at Alliance Connect and can adapt our processes to suit your needs, be it automobile parts or artworks.

The right process for creating complex metal objects


Sand and Metal Die Casting Sunshine, Melbourne

What Sets Us Apart?

Our decades of experience in the industry
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