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Die Casting in Australia

Alliance Connect can handle die casting for a wide range of requirements in Australia.

We serve various industries for their metal needs.

Die Metal Casting

Alliance Connect has been providing die casting for more than 13 years. We have the experience and knowledge to handle every step of the project, from product design and pattern making to the application of the final touches.

Our team can produce metal with varying wall thicknesses and tighter tolerances for all your needs. We also provide aluminium die casting for all types of applications.

Meeting all your requirements for die casting


Diecast Sunshine, Melbourne

Die Casting for Various Applications

Alliance Connect handles small and large scale die casting projects that cater to various applications, including consumer, commercial and industrial products.

Be it the automobile, plumbing or toy industry, we can handle casting with complex details. Our die casting parts have longer service life, dimensional accuracy and close tolerance.

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Suitable for all types of applications


Diecast Sunshine, Melbourne

What Sets Us Apart?

Our decades of experience in the industry
Our wide range of services
Serve various industries and sectors

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