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Our customers regularly seek a complete end to end supplier for their products. Alliance Connect serves this customer need by providing a comprehensive list of services.


Anodising is the process by which the natural film on aluminium is greatly increased in thickness.   Aluminium is naturally a quite soft and has a thin film, therefore it is easily damaged.  By increasing the film’s thickness it becomes more corrosion and abrasion resistant and much harder.  It also becomes an insulator.


Polishing is process that removes roughness on the surface and polishes the product to a smoother brighter finish. There a various techniques depending on the level of smoothness, polish or brightness required.


Plating use a chemical bath to coat or alter the surface with a thin layer of metal, such as nickel or PTFE. Metal plating can improve a product’s durability, corrosion resistance, surface friction, and exterior appearance.

Laser Cutting / Water Jetting

Laser cutting and water jetting are both methods of cutting metal. Water jetting uses a high pressure stream of water to cut through metal. Laser cutting uses a laser light to achieve a similar result. Laser is more precise but is limited by the thickness of the metal it can cut. Water jetting can cut any material and is able to cut through great thickness.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a finishing process where a colour or coating is applied to a product. A powder is sprayed on the part using a magnetically charged spray gun. The coated part is then placed in an oven where the powder melts into an even, solid coat across the entire surface of the part. Powder coating provides a durable long lasting and attractive finish.


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