How we cast

Sand Casting

Sand casting is a metal casting process which involves the use of natural sand as well as small amounts of clay.  Sand Casting is generally used for low volume products that have high complexity or if they are a ‘one off’ product. Many of our sculptures use the sand casting method but it also has applications across the automobile and industrial sector.

Die Casting

Alliance Connect supports a number of types of die casting methods, allowing us to meet a range of very specific requirements for our customers.  Die casting is especially suited for applications where a larger quantity of small to medium sized parts are required with a better surface finish, greater level of detail and dimensional consistency.

Gravity Die Casting

Gravity die casting is accomplished by gently pouring molten metal into re usable metal dies under the force of gravity.  Suitable for low to medium volume and complexity.


Low Pressure Die Casting

Low pressure die casting is similar to gravity die casting but uses more pressure to push the metal into the die.  Suitable for medium to high volume and complexity.

High Pressure Die Casting

In the high pressure die casting process the metal is forced into a high grade steel tool (die) at high speed and pressure.   High pressure is used for high volume and complexity.  Suitable for components requiring precision such as light and thin walled components.


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